We have proudly experienced diverse and successful projects along the way. Our progress is built on the trust we earned from our clients. We work shoulder-to-shoulder with our customers to solve complex challenges in ways that minimize business risk and maximize opportunity. Our expertise becomes part of our customers’ teams, innovating with them and putting the right solutions to work for their organizations. We sincerely want to see you succeed; if you don’t succeed, that means we haven’t succeeded.

Home Appliances Online Store
Elemarket - المارکت

Elemarket Online Shop


With many years of experience in selling home appliances, in addition to face-to-face sales, Elmarket has also provided online shopping for its customers.

  • Re-designing and launching the new online store website Project
  • Transferring data from the previous website to WooCommerce
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What Our Clients Say About Us

Mohammad Masoudshahi
Mohammad Masoudshahi
Digital Marketing Director at Agahsazan Advertising Agency

Working with Khorshid has proven to us that finding committed and punctual developers is not a myth. During our participation, we were lucky enough to witness this team’s deep understanding and knowledge of the customers’ needs, which were taken care of via outstanding technical solutions.

محمد صدیقی
Mohammad Sedighi
Owner of Elemarket Shop

We have been participating with numerous teams on account of our online shop over the years. Based on our experience, we vouch that the Khorshid team is one of the bests. Their team consists of young and talented people who can make progress and improvement happen for any institution or project they are a part of with their resilience and hard work.

client - M-bayani - testimonial
Meraj Bayani
Owner of Bar à Pâtes et Salades

Khorshid has shown to have very competent resources, and have delivered the quality that we were expecting. We look forward to our continued development efforts.