There’s a saying that “If you can laugh together, you can work together”, so we are assured that we can work together. We’re a team of passionate individuals with different sets of skills, expertise, and experiences. We firmly believe that work should be fun and rewarding and it shouldn’t consume our lives or leave us feeling stressed.
We don’t support the idea of the hierarchy, so everyone’s contribution is critical; we are all held accountable to contribute.

Although working remotely was optional from the beginning, since March 2020, as the world shifts to remote work out of necessity, we decided to become fully remote. We embraced the new way of things, and we continue to learn and adapt.

We are faced with some challenges like loneliness, isolation, and disconnection at times. We help each other to be more engaged and use other means of communication to fill the gap. The upside is that these new changes enabled us to hire the best people regardless of location.

Parsa Fatehi Biz Team
Parsa Fatehi
Co-founder, CEO
Linda Bayani Biz Team
Linda Bayani
Co-founder, Business Strategist
Sattar Siah Biz Team
Sattar Siah
Project Controller Intern
Behnam Molaei CRM Team
Neda Kazemian
Customer Relations Specialist
Behnam Molaei Biz Team
Behnam Molaei
Finance & Contracts Specialist
Amirhossein Karimi Dev Team
Amirhossein Karimi
Full-Stack Developer
Reza Fakher Dev Team
Reza Fakher
Front-end Developer
Hesam Mohammadi Dev Team
Hesam Mohammadi
Back-end Developer
Melvin Bayani Marketing Team
Melvin Bayani
Digital Marketing Expert
Kamyar Rad Design Team
Kamyar Rad
Product Designer Consultant
Mehryar Sanandaji Design Team
Mehryar Sanandaji
UI/UX Designer Consultant
Zahra Arabi Design Team
Zahra Arabi
Graphic Designer
Mehdi Mirzaie Design Team
Mehdi Mirzaie
UI/UX Designer
Samira Dargahi Marketing Team
Samira Dargahi
Digital Marketing Intern
Mehdi Diale Content Team
Mehdi Diale
Content Writer
Haleh Abbaszadeh Marketing Team
Haleh Abbaszadeh
Freelance Social Media Specialist
Ziba Sayari Design Team
Ziba Sayari
Freelance Graphic Designer
Hamzeh Ghoreishi Design Team
Hamzeh Ghoreyshi
Freelance UX Designer

Our Previous Companions

The ones with whom we have worked, experienced, and grown together along our journey.
Content Team
Monib Rohani
Content Team
Maryam Ahmadi
Design Team
Saba Bazrafshan
Content Team
Sara Shahsavari
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